Welcome to our Newest Correspondent: Steven Bereznai

One of Steven’s favorite ways to see the world is traveling to international gay and lesbian water polo tournaments with the Toronto Triggerfish. This has taken him to the World Outgames in Copenhagen and other events in Cologne, Iceland, and Antwerp, where his team won gold in 2013. He’s written extensively for both gay andContinue reading “Welcome to our Newest Correspondent: Steven Bereznai”

Halifax, Nova Scotia: Atlantic Canada’s Gay Heart Celebrates Milestone

One of the friendliest spots in Canada (and that’s saying something considering how amicable our northern neighbors are generally speaking) is Halifax, Canada. It’s also beautiful, rich in history and into its gay and lesbian culture. To wit, they are unspooling their first annual OUTeast Queer Film Festival this weekend (through June 17). And theyContinue reading “Halifax, Nova Scotia: Atlantic Canada’s Gay Heart Celebrates Milestone”

Travel Guide: Sebastian White Reveals His Favorite Destination

New York-based Sebastian White is Corporate Communications Manager for JetBlue and a frequent traveler. We caught up with White before he dashed off to Vancouver, his favorite city in North America . — Editor By Sebastian White Like most visitors to Vancouver, my love affair with the city began the instant I laid eyes onContinue reading “Travel Guide: Sebastian White Reveals His Favorite Destination”

Hello Sailor! A Must “Sea” Exhibit in Nova Scotia

I stumbled upon this exhibit while researching an article about the commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic. Hello sailor! Gay life on the ocean wave at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in gay-friendly Halifax Nova Scotia  is the first museum in North America to explore the lives of gay and lesbian mariners in thisContinue reading “Hello Sailor! A Must “Sea” Exhibit in Nova Scotia”

Tour of the Week: The 100th Anniversary of the Titanic’s Maiden Voyage

By Jeff Guaracino Today’s cruise ship companies endlessly announce the “newest” or “world’s largest ships” but one passenger liner still captures our imaginations and respect, the RMS Titanic. The “unsinkable” ship struck an iceberg on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York City, and sank on 15 April 1912, resulting in the deaths ofContinue reading “Tour of the Week: The 100th Anniversary of the Titanic’s Maiden Voyage”

Romance by VIA Rail Canada

VIA Rail Canada — our northern neighbor’s version of Amtrak — has long supported the LGBT community in a variety of ways and occasionally offers specials and deals for us queer traveling folk. Their Romance by Rail experience doesn’t come with a discount but it does include extraordinary views (of the Canadian Rockies), an intimateContinue reading “Romance by VIA Rail Canada”

Montreal’s Queer of the Year Contest Redux

Check out the very cute video above featuring the contests running in the second annual “Queer of the Year” contest in Montreal. Throughout Montreal Pride Week (August 8 through August 14), the six finalists will compete in a variety of challenges and activities, all of which will be captured on film. Visit their Facebook pageContinue reading “Montreal’s Queer of the Year Contest Redux”


Leave it to our friends up north to create the first Queer Beer Festival in North America on Thursday, August 4, 2011 starting at 4pm. The Queer Beer Festival celebrates Canada’s rich brewing history, hosted by experts of the brewing craft from around the world. Featuring more than 120 brands, great live acts and delicious food fromContinue reading “QUEER BEER FESTIVAL, TORONTO”

West Coast Dining Deals

Originally published in GPS.OutTraveler.com Hope you’re hungry! This month there are two “Dine Abouts” to talk about in two west coast foodie capitals. In San Francisco, now through January 31, 2011, locals and visitors have the opportunity to experience some of the finest restaurants in town at a fraction of the price. You may selectContinue reading “West Coast Dining Deals”