Princely Welcome in Canada’s Smallest Province

Originally published in With a scant 140,000 inhabitants, Prince Edward Island is Canada’s least populous and physically smallest province or state. An island which only OK’d the stunning, 8-mile Confederation Bridge, an architectural marvel, to the mainland of New Brunswick, another of Canada’s lovely Maritime Provinces, about 13 years ago, sort of likes toContinue reading “Princely Welcome in Canada’s Smallest Province”

Ask the Expert: Toronto on a Budget

I recently had the pleasure of hearing you on Sirius/XM with Derek and Romaine and actually feel comfortable enough to ask you some questions. I am visiting Toronto, ON Dec 27-Jan 4. I am recently single and well, I need some healing time so i thought to try a new city. Can you suggest someContinue reading “Ask the Expert: Toronto on a Budget”

Black & Blue and “Raide” All Over

Originally published in Black & Blue celebrates its 20th anniversary this October starting today and going through October 12, 2010. Raide means stiff or hard in French. You can translate the double-entendre in the title of this posting however you wish. But you may very well be stiff as a board after a nightContinue reading “Black & Blue and “Raide” All Over”

My Toronto Podcasts

I visited Toronto, and all I got was these lousy podcasts! Actually, I got a lot more out of my incredibly fun trip than my stupid t-shirt souvenir allusion might indicate. You can hear some of my impressions by clicking on the following two links, which are my radio appearance on LGBT-oriented Proud FM TorontoContinue reading “My Toronto Podcasts”