The NomadicBoys Do Laos Like No One (Except ManAboutWorld)

Our global correspondents Stefan Arestis and Sébastien Chaneac (theNomadicBoys) visited Laos in March and created the video you see here. Unlike many travel journalists, they not only document but participate as well. You can see they really don’t mind getting their hands dirty! For more Laos and Cambodia and Thailand, download the April issue of  ManAboutWorld, availableContinue reading “The NomadicBoys Do Laos Like No One (Except ManAboutWorld)”

DDTI: The View From Up Here, The Sofitel So Bangkok

ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Michael Siebert visited Bangkok and stayed at ManAboutWorld Editor’s Choice award winner the Sofitel So Bangkok. Here’s his report, just in; and above a self portrait he took (using a timer) of him and a friend. Sofitel So Bangkok is a fantastic, well-located hotel combining together elegant French luxury and warm Thai hospitality andContinue reading “DDTI: The View From Up Here, The Sofitel So Bangkok”

Now Available: Our April Issue AND Our iPhone Version

We are beyond excited to announce that ManAboutWorld is now available for the iPhone! Go to the App Store on your iPhone and download it now. If you already subscribe to the magazine, you’ll see our brand new April issue there. Whether or not you subscribe, you’ll find the FREE ManAboutWorld Guide to West Hollywood whichContinue reading “Now Available: Our April Issue AND Our iPhone Version”

Checking Out Hong Kong’s Privates

Our friend and author Amy Tan recently visited Hong Kong and shared with us her experience dining in private kitchens. Private kitchens, she says, doesn’t mean you’re dining in a private first-class establishment. You do not need to be famous and incognito. But it does mean the kitchens can have memberships (but not always) and have avoidedContinue reading “Checking Out Hong Kong’s Privates”

#TBT: Bangkok, 1967

If you can believe it, this is Bangkok. No flashing lights. No endless skyline. No chaos and congested traffic. This photo of Bangkok was taken in 1967, just shy of 50 years ago. In the background, you see The Democracy Monument, built in 1939 at a major traffic circle in Bangkok. There’s quite a bitContinue reading “#TBT: Bangkok, 1967”

OUT Adventures Wants to Send You to Thailand!

OUT Adventures is giving away the trip of lifetime over on their website and Facebook page! Contestants can win a Grand Prize 10-Day luxury trip for two (including airfare!), or a 2nd place 7-day luxury hotel package. Enter now by clicking hereand learning more about the contest. (All entries will receive a $100 travel voucher.) Winners will be announcedContinue reading “OUT Adventures Wants to Send You to Thailand!”

Our Summer Issue is Live!!

Just in time for the sweltering August heat comes our super hot summertime guide! This special issue focuses on Thailand and is loaded with insider information about the urban insanity of Bangkok, the gorgeous beeches of Phuket and Krabi, the islands of Koh Phi Phi and Koh Samui, as well as the northern areas around Chiang MaiContinue reading “Our Summer Issue is Live!!”

Welcome To Our Newest Correspondent: Jacob Holder

Hailing from the Lone Star state, Jacob Holder’s insatiable thirst for culture and travel has led him to travel the world, living extended periods. His expertise in marketing communications has had him posted in six different countries spanning four continents. Jacob is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian; and is currently studying Thai in BangkokContinue reading “Welcome To Our Newest Correspondent: Jacob Holder”

Good Morning, Bangkok

It’s going to be a hectic few days for me as I traverse Thailand, from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to Phuket to Koh Phi Phi. Here’s a photo of the stunning view from the rooftop of the Sofitel So Bangkok hotel overlooking the verdurous treetops and epic skyline just beyond. If you have any Thailand photos or stories fromContinue reading “Good Morning, Bangkok”