Beijing Hutong: Photo By NomadicBoys

A visit to a “Hutong” of Beijing — a narrow lane forming a traditional residential area — is becoming difficulty as the are eliminated to make room for more modern development. Our friends Sebastien and Stefan of the NomadicBoysvisited Beijing during their trek around Asia and brought back this photo of a lively hutong which you can alsoContinue reading “Beijing Hutong: Photo By NomadicBoys”

NomadicBoys Try Their First Vegan Restaurant

Our wandering and adventurous travel bloggers Sébestien and Stephan (aka the NomadicBoys) journeyed around Asia, including a stop in Ubud where they lost their vegan virginity:

Photos From Myanmar

Our very own Kenny Porpora is traveling around Myanmar this week conducting research on a series of articles on  the country that we will publish early in 2016. Meantime, please enjoy his updates on our Facebook page. And check out these photos that he took. DDTI* is your Daily Dose of Travel Inspiration. DOWNLOAD MANABOUTWORLD: Check out our digital gay travelContinue reading “Photos From Myanmar”

The NomadicBoys Top 10 Favorite Foods in the Philippines

Our very own NomadicBoys Nibbled their way around the Philippines, sending back this report on their top 10 favorite foods. You will not believe #2!

Video of Gay Philippines from NomadicBoys as Mermaids!

Our NomadicBoys have found the perfect way to frolic around the Philippines while getting exercise and looking fabulous: As Mermaids!

Gay Vietnam: Video with the NomadicBoys. Hilarity Ensues

We spent a month travelling in Vietnam during April and May 2015. We started in the South in motorbike crazy Ho Chi Minh City (still called Saigon by locals). We discovered a few gay bars in Saigonwith our friend Quan.

Gay Cambodia. NomadicBoys. Video. Need We Say More?

This blog post on gay Cambodia was originally published by the peripatetic NomadicBoys on their blog; it’s reproduced in part here. Click here to read the entire blog post on their site. We spent 2 weeks travelling in Cambodia in April 2015 with our friends Jess from the UK and Johan from France. We started in theContinue reading “Gay Cambodia. NomadicBoys. Video. Need We Say More?”

Gay Vietnam: Discovering Gay Saigon With the NomadicBoys

This blog post on Gay Vietnam was originally published by the peripateticNomadicBoys on their blog; it’s reproduced in part here. Click here to read the entire blog post on their site. Vietnam was one of the gay friendlier countries we visited in Asia: it has never had any anti gay laws (unlike the US andContinue reading “Gay Vietnam: Discovering Gay Saigon With the NomadicBoys”