Plan Your Own (Brief) Residency at Buckingham Palace

Elizabeth, the UK’s beloved queen, returned to Buckingham Palace last month as the longest-reigning British monarch. Every August and September, royalty fans worldwide have a unique opportunity to tour the grand public rooms of Buckingham Palace. Soven if you are not invited to one of the queen’s elegant garden parties, you can certainly spend a weekend in London andContinue reading “Plan Your Own (Brief) Residency at Buckingham Palace”

We Visited The Milan Travel Expo

By the time our associate editor Kenny Porpora had touched down in Milan for 2015 Expo, it had already been amazing travelers for more than 3 months. The expo — the quinquennial event, previously in China, and scheduled to be in Dubai come 2020 – was themed this year around food sustainability, with 140 participating countries. EachContinue reading “We Visited The Milan Travel Expo”

The Next Must-Visit Gay Getaway: The Balkans

We think the Balkans are the next big-time gay getaway! Have you seen an uptick in posts from insider-y gay travel friends in Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and the other small countries in the Balkan Peninsula. (See the map below.) While you’re planning your own trip, follow along with updates from some of our correspondents traveling there now. *Our very own Steve Roth isContinue reading “The Next Must-Visit Gay Getaway: The Balkans”