Grexit or Greekment: ManAboutWorld Always Loves Greece

Whether the talk is #Grexit (Greek exiting the Eurozone) or #Greekment (the new agreement with offered by European leaders to Greece), ManAboutWorld is steadfastly loyal to Greece, a country that has been graciously welcoming visitors for millennia and that has more than a few spots that warmly invite gay travelers (we look to thee Athens, Mykonos, SantoriniContinue reading “Grexit or Greekment: ManAboutWorld Always Loves Greece”

Video of Gay Philippines from NomadicBoys as Mermaids!

Our NomadicBoys have found the perfect way to frolic around the Philippines while getting exercise and looking fabulous: As Mermaids!

Gayography: Gay Travel News You Can Use

This gay travel news column is brought to you by Ashton Giese, gay travel magazine ManAboutWorld correspondent and editor of the GAYography newsbrief. On your way to P-town? Pray to Jesus — since he apparently was gay — that your United flight won’t be grounded. Plus find the 200 greatest gay bars in the world, (in?)edible eatsContinue reading “Gayography: Gay Travel News You Can Use”

Gay Kenya Treehouse Safari: African First Date

  When you meet a man you like, you take him on a Kenyan safari. It’s a sure and fast way to really get to know someone. The pressures and intensity of long, dusty roads and roughing it in the African bush with little in the way of daily luxuries brings out the very bestContinue reading “Gay Kenya Treehouse Safari: African First Date”

Gay Pride Montreal: 5 Things Not To Miss

Gay Pride Montreal (Fierté gai, à la française) unfurls its giant rainbow flag, fabulous (and talented) drag queens, hot hot go-go boys and a whole lot of amour August 10-16. It’s one of our favorite Prides on the continent and combines the je ne sais quoi we love about French-speaking Canada with a friendly and enthusiastic (not to mention well-organized) British/North American vibe. Pride includes a weekContinue reading “Gay Pride Montreal: 5 Things Not To Miss”

Happy July 4th From ManAboutWorld & Friends

We hope you are having a fun, safe, happy, healthy July 4th with your kith and kin. We also hope you keep traveling all year round. It’s the best way to build bridges and open minds. This photos is from our friends at Towleroad, a a leading online news source that we love for up-to-the-minute newsContinue reading “Happy July 4th From ManAboutWorld & Friends”

Gay Vietnam: Video with the NomadicBoys. Hilarity Ensues

We spent a month travelling in Vietnam during April and May 2015. We started in the South in motorbike crazy Ho Chi Minh City (still called Saigon by locals). We discovered a few gay bars in Saigonwith our friend Quan.

DDTI*: Inspiring Gay Travel Photos Du Jour

Everyone needs a little gay travel inspiration especially on Hump Day! Here are a couple of pictures from our quick visit to Provincetown just in time for last0minute inspiration for a trip to this Massachusetts resort gem in time for their biggest week starting now: Independence Day brought to you by the folks at the Crown &Continue reading “DDTI*: Inspiring Gay Travel Photos Du Jour”

Gay Travel Today: ManAboutWorld in Yahoo Travel Story

We were included in a piece on gay travel in Yahoo Travel today. Here’s an excerpt. To read the entire piece, click here.  These days, it seems just about everybody is after that rainbow dollar. And the recent federal ruling by the Supreme Court to allow same-sex marriage in all 50 states will only furtherContinue reading “Gay Travel Today: ManAboutWorld in Yahoo Travel Story”

Gay Wine: 5 Things Not To Miss In Sonoma

Discover white, red, rosé …. and rainbow-tinged wine of gay-popular Sonoma County. From San Francisco drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and an hour through beautiful rolling hills to a darling little town called Healdsburg, a former farming village and the most charming of many lovely towns in the County.