GAYography: Gay Travel News You Can Use

This column is brought to you by Ashton Giese, gay travel magazine ManAboutWorld correspondent and editor of the GAYography newsbrief. We celebrate the Supreme Court decision on marriage here in the U.S. — but meanwhile Kyrgyzstan moved forward implementing the most stringent “anti-propaganda” law! Thankfully here in the U.S. our President held his annual LGBT Pride celebration at theContinue reading “GAYography: Gay Travel News You Can Use”

Get Gay Married and Get Gay Traveling with ManAboutWorld

What a week! After a favorable ruling by the Supreme Court allowing gay marriage and a weekend of coast-to-coast Gay Pride celebrations, the LGBT community now pivots to other important battles. But first let’s take a moment, enjoy the victory and do something we’ve always done: travel! ManAboutWorld with 10 issues per year provides travelContinue reading “Get Gay Married and Get Gay Traveling with ManAboutWorld”

Victory! Supreme Courts Creates U.S. Same-sex Marriage Rights

U.S. Same-sex marriage rights asserted: ManAboutWorld applauds today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to extend full marriage rights to same-sex couples in the United States, regardless of the state in which they reside. And we hope (and anticipate) this will stimulate all sorts of gay travel for the purposes of same-sex marriages, celebrations andContinue reading “Victory! Supreme Courts Creates U.S. Same-sex Marriage Rights”

New Hotel In Gay-Friendly Boston

Gay-friendly Boston welcomed a new hotel last fall (rebranded from a Fairmont property). Located on the waterfront next to Boston’s North End, Battery Wharf Hotel consists of 150 large units spread among several modern buildings siting atop a pier jutting into Boston Harbor. There are sea views in every direction and the Coast Guard is rightContinue reading “New Hotel In Gay-Friendly Boston”

Gay Cambodia. NomadicBoys. Video. Need We Say More?

This blog post on gay Cambodia was originally published by the peripatetic NomadicBoys on their blog; it’s reproduced in part here. Click here to read the entire blog post on their site. We spent 2 weeks travelling in Cambodia in April 2015 with our friends Jess from the UK and Johan from France. We started in theContinue reading “Gay Cambodia. NomadicBoys. Video. Need We Say More?”

FREE Gay Travel Guide to West Hollywood

Did you miss our gay West Hollywood Twitter chat yesterday? It included a link to obtain a free Gay Travel Guide to the little city that’s the beating gay heart of Los Angeles. It’s a mere 2 square miles, a pink dot in LA’s sprawling 500 square miles but it packs a punch beyond whatContinue reading “FREE Gay Travel Guide to West Hollywood”

ManAboutWorld Correspondent Tom Goss Visits Death Valley

ManAboutWorld’s newest correspondent Tom Goss hit the road with a visit to the ominously named Death Valley. It’s not necessarily deadly (be sure to pack water!) but it can be super windy, hot and salty. But it’s also one of the most starkly beautiful spots in the U.S.; it features the lowest point in ourContinue reading “ManAboutWorld Correspondent Tom Goss Visits Death Valley”

Whitney Museum, Stunning Attraction for Gay Travelers

The new Whitney Museum is a masterpiece. The building is cool in an industrial sort of way with drop-dead views from multiple outdoor spaces and well-placed windows; big open spaces housing some of the world’s greatest modern art; and several places to pick up cute, artsy gifts or have some very good food, wine orContinue reading “Whitney Museum, Stunning Attraction for Gay Travelers”

Gay Vietnam: Discovering Gay Saigon With the NomadicBoys

This blog post on Gay Vietnam was originally published by the peripateticNomadicBoys on their blog; it’s reproduced in part here. Click here to read the entire blog post on their site. Vietnam was one of the gay friendlier countries we visited in Asia: it has never had any anti gay laws (unlike the US andContinue reading “Gay Vietnam: Discovering Gay Saigon With the NomadicBoys”

LGBT Guide To New York City By Bike With NYCGo

Check us out on their website, (screenshot above). Download this free app for access to a bike guide with itineraries and the inside scoop on where to go, eat and shop in the City. We are excited about our collaboration with NYC & Company, New York City’s official marketing, tourism and partnership organization. Get it here: Google Play The iTunes AppContinue reading “LGBT Guide To New York City By Bike With NYCGo”