Welcome to your lesbian fantasy, an island of women. Join lesbian-ownend but everyone-friendly Sweet for a fun-filled week in Isla Mujeres (which means “Island of Women” in Spanish), September 24 through October 1, 2011. It’s an all-inclusive and exclusive (meaning only for Sweet customers) week of fun, activities (or utter leisure or both). That’s Suzanne Westenhoefer toContinue reading “TOUR OF THE WEEK: ISLA MUJERES RESORT WITH SWEET”


One of the things that makes Peru such a fantastic destination is that it constantly surprises people. (Above happy “Zoomers” in Peru.) Zoom Vacations has for years been the main organizer of gay group tours to Peru. Last November, as in past years, Zoom Vacations started its trip in Lima, and especially after visiting its colonial center,Continue reading “TOUR OF THE WEEK: PERU WITH ZOOM VACATIONS”

Tour of the Week: China with Venture Out

Some of you might have visited China’s classic destinations in the 1980s when the sheer majesty and newness (to foreigners) of this once-isolated giant were enthralling. T hat newness just keeps on getting newer: China is perhaps the fastest-changing country in the world. Even if you went when it first opened up to tourism, chancesContinue reading “Tour of the Week: China with Venture Out”

Tour of the Week: Dive Egypt with Undersea Expeditions

For lesbian and gay men who love to dive (and we know who you are!), did you know there is a truly great tour operator that caters to your needs? Undersea Expeditions has been leading groups of gay women and men to exotic locales and safely guided them to some of the world’s most envy-inducingContinue reading “Tour of the Week: Dive Egypt with Undersea Expeditions”

Tour of the Week: Southern Skiing

We’re talking way south! If you’ve ever wished to ski South America, here’s a way to do it gay. The annual Bariloche (Argentina) Gay Ski Week takes place September 10-17, 2011. Details follow. You’ll have to make your way to Bariloche but the group week includes transfers to and from the airport, hotel stay, dinners,Continue reading “Tour of the Week: Southern Skiing”

Tour of the Week: India with Zoom Vacations

India is a feast for the eyes, ears, nose, hands, and feet! If you’re at all nervous about visiting independently, consider joining a gay toru group. Zoom Vacations offers a tour to India with stops in Mumbai, Varanasi, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and Udaipur. Date/length/cost: September 17-28, 2011 12 days from $7599 This trip to IndiaContinue reading “Tour of the Week: India with Zoom Vacations”

Tour of the Week: Thailand with Out Adventures (On Sale!)

Thailand is a marvel. It truly is the land of smiles. Experience it this fall or winter with Out Adventures. If you book by May 15, you’ll get 10% off. Wander among the temples and palaces of Bangkok, Join a cooking school in Chiang Mai, Discover Thailand’s golden age in Sukhothai, Ride an elephant, ExperienceContinue reading “Tour of the Week: Thailand with Out Adventures (On Sale!)”

Tour of the Week: Rio with Orpheus Travel

It may seem a long way away, but tours to Rio for New Year’s — one of the sexiest and hottest gay events on the calendar — get booked up fast. Celebrate New Year´s Eve in the South America’s main gay holiday destination. Witness the biggest New Year´s party in the world, visit one ofContinue reading “Tour of the Week: Rio with Orpheus Travel”

Tour of the Week: Madrid Pride with Zoom Vacations

Madrid Pride — July 1-3, 2011 — is quickly gaining the reputation as most fun Pride in Europe (and among the best in the world). See it with the gay travel experts at Zoom Vacations. You’ll stay in an old palace, truly one of the best hotels in all of Europe, and get invited toContinue reading “Tour of the Week: Madrid Pride with Zoom Vacations”